Research projects

NIO participates in a number of international research projects regarding modern exploration techniques. The projects are sponsored by the EU program Horizon 2020.

Smart Exploration Research Center

Nordic Iron Ore is a partner to the research center “Smart Exploration Research”. The research center has been granted SEK 60 million by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and is a multidisciplinary center that will do research on exploration and refinement of metals and minerals. The research is led by Uppsala University and is important for the ongoing energy transition and society’s adjustment to the climate.

Smart Exploration Research Center

Smart Exploration

Nordic Iron Ore is a partner in the Smart Exploration project, an EU-funded collaboration between universities and companies from eleven countries. An important goal for Smart Exploration is to develop environmentally-friendly methods of geophysical exploration and has conducted several evaluations at Ludvika Mines using prototype equipment producing more accurate measurements primarily in the fields of seismology and electromagnetics.


Smart Exploration presentation from June 12, 2023
Presenters: Ayse Kaslilar Sisman (Uppsala University) och Mehrdad Bastani (Geological Survey of Sweden) and Emma Bäckström (Nordic Iron Ore)

Smart Exploration, published reports

Solid Earth 13, 917-934, 2022