Nordic Iron Ore’s exploration permits, and two mining concessions are in historical mining land in the Västerbergslagen region, where iron ore mining dates back to the 1500s.

At Blötberget, Gruv AB Vulcanus and thereafter Stora Kopparberg Bergslags AB followed by SSAB mined iron ore until 1979 when the mine was decommissioned due to the lack of profitability because of the low price of iron ore at that time.

Before the closure, the mine at Blötberget produced about 300,000 tonnes of iron ore products annually, and at the time of the closure, according to the means of calculating at that time, there were 5 million tonnes of ”measured ore” with 43 percent iron and 20 million tonnes of ”probable ore” with 43 percent iron. Iron ore was mined until 1979 at the Håksberg field. The annual production was around 250,000 tonnes of iron ore products, and at the time of closure, according to the then method of calculation, there were 14.5 million tonnes of ”measured ore” with 36 percent iron and 22 million tonnes of ”probable ore” with 36 percent iron.


Bergverks AB Vulcanus starts large-scale mining


Stora Kopparberg Bergslags AB begins preparations
for mining in nearby mining districts. The Bergslag shaft is sunk and a modern industrial area established


Stora Kopparberg Bergslags AB purchases the
Vulcanus mine from the Swedish government


The mining area is integrated and both the Vulcanus
mine and the Bergslag shaft are used. Annual production reaches around 400 kilotons of crude ore and 220 kilotons of ore concentrate products


The Bergslag shaft is drawn down and levelled to 570 metres, the skip is upgraded to an annual capacity of 600 kilotons and the new facility begins operations in December 1975


SSAB is founded and Stora Kopparberg Bergslags AB surrenders the Blötberg mine


Mining operations cease


Permits and mining rights revert to the state


Application for a new exploration permit is approved


The permit is transferred to Nordic Iron Ore


Application for mining and environmental permits


Mining and environmental permit approved


Interim technical report by DMT and mining permit application for Väsman


Application for extended mining area in Blötberget and pilot scale enrichment proved positive results.


Nordic Iron Ore was listed at Nasdaq First North


Feasibility study for Blötberget conducted by Golder was made public


Optimization study for Blötberget conducted by Whittle Consulting shows good (improved) commercial potential.


Discussions with Cargill initiated

Ronne Hamerslag appointed as new CEO

Unloading facilities in Blötberget, circa 1951