Nordic Iron Ore applied for a mining license in October 2010 and August 30, 2011 was granted an application by the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden. The mining concession, which runs for 25 years with possibility of extension, implies the right of exploitation and utilization of iron, rare earths, and apatite.

In March 2014 the enviromental permit was obtained and the company now has all permits necessary to commence operations.

The mineralization in the Blötberget is a so-called “apatite iron oxide ore” which, besides the iron mineral magnetite and hematite, also contains the phosphorus mineral apatite, which previously caused problems in the production of iron. With the technological developments that occurred when the so-called Thomas process invented in 1879, it became possible to also take advantage of ore that was rich in phosphorus.

The Blötberget field consists mainly of three mineralized bodies. Calculated from west to east, these are:

  • Kalvgruvan (apatite-rich magnetite mineralization)
  • Hugget- Flygruvan (apatite rich magnetite-hematite mineralisation)
  • Sandellmalmen (apatite rich magnetite mineralization)

Mineral Resources

The mineral resources in Blötberget down to the 800-meter levelling are estimated at 45,4 million tonnes of 41,7 percent iron, which are classified as measured, and 9,6 million tonnes at 36,2 percent iron classified indicated. Added to this comes down to the same depth of 11,8 million tons of 36,2 percent iron classified as inferred mineral resources. Most of the mining in the Blötberget mine before its closing in 1979 was above the 240 m level. Nordic Iron Ore plans to restart mining operations at 420 m level as the new main level.

A cut-off of 25 percent iron in tonnage and grade is used in the calculations.

Before closing in 1979, construction of a new bay began at the 330 m level, and an inclined path to the level of 160 m, these facilities were however never in operation. The company expects to utilize the existing infrastructure underground after he planned restart of the operation and after the necessary renovations and additions.

Mining operations in Blötberget has a long history. Ore deposits in the area are mentioned as early as 1644. In 1768, the name “The Blötberget Mine occurs in the publication “Bergmästarberättelser”.